Different Types of Technology


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Technology is the key that converts a simple tool into an advanced tool. Or we can say that Technology is the scientific knowledge that converts any pre-tool into a futuristic tool.

There is a list of technologies:

IT (Information Technology)

Information Technology

A large course group of technology based on the machinery that analyses any data and executes calculations at a very high rate is generally recognized as computers. What is IT basically? It is a set of two words Information and Technology. Information means knowledge that has been gathered about something. Technology is a device or system that is built on the basis of the knowledge gathered. Most modern technologies have an inter-relationship with IT (information technology). Information technology is a kind of advanced tool. Which analyzes the difficult work, collects the data. Then on the basis of that data, the invention which is done to complete that work easily is called information technology.


A network is a medium through which two electronic devices share data among themselves. It is implemented globally in vast areas. For coverage throughout the world, so everyone can have reached excess data and share data. Basically, there are two types of networks.

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)


Internet is the global wide area network medium. That makes it possible to connect Mobiles, Computers, TVs, and any other wireless communication devices across the world. And sharing of data be possible. Today’s world has become completely internet. In today’s world without the internet, it will be difficult to do anything. You will not be able to transact with the banks. The Internet is very important, without it many people will be jobless.


This is the thing that can make it possible to record data from their surroundings. Some examples are thermometers, compasses, cameras, accelerometers, speedometers, microphones, proximity, infrared sensor, etc. These data are then stored in the devices. And used for the study. Camera sensors are used to produce entertainment content for people. The use of sensors is very wide in this world.


Architecture is a science, with the help of which we create beautiful buildings, apartments, structures. It gives us that art with the help of which we are able to plan for successful construction. Architecture gives us that knowledge, with the help of which we can prepare a visual design before starting any construction. Big projects are easily done. With the help of technologies like cranes, lifts, transit mixers, excavators, etc.

Agricultural Technologies(Agritech)

Agricultural Technologies are used for small or big farmlands to make work fast. Earlier people used to plow the field with the help of oxen. In this, they used to take many days to plow a big field. But in today’s modern world it happens in a few hours. All this is amazing of Agritech. Today’s farmers do not depend on rain. They have mechanical water pumps, which are useful for irrigation in the absence of rain. For example, different types of tractors for a variety of purposes.

Energy converters

Energy Converters

Solar panels, nuclear power plants, dams, wind turbines, etc have the tendency to convert one form of energy into electrical energy. These energy converters are very important to protect our environment from pollution. Mechanical energy converts which run on fuels are spoiling our environment. Ex: Diesel, Petrol, and Kerosene oil engines.


Trucks, trains, ships, aircraft, animal carts, etc are the transportation vehicles. Earlier people used to transport themselves by walking or with the help of animals. Earlier it was difficult to transport goods or services over long distances. But in today’s fast modern times it happens in just a few hours and days. They are used to transport goods and services from one place to another.

Entertainment and Media

Technologies used in the field of entertainment and media to produce films, news, music, etc. Social media has become today’s modern entertainment media. In today’s time, almost all the houses have mobile. Mobile has become the biggest means of entertainment. Television has become secondary nowadays. Some examples are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, etc are today’s entertainment media.

Art and Music

Art is a beautiful way to present and music adds feeling to it. This is very helpful in connecting us with People. A podcast is a technology tool for the art and music of today’s world. In a podcast, we tell a story about someone or a summary, adding art and music. Speakers, microphones, radios, computers, mobiles, musical instruments are the technologies that are used to create art and music.


The tools make easy research practice for researchers. All the technologies in the world are based on science. And all the technologies that will come will come with the help of science. Because science gives birth to technologies. Even everything that exists in the universe is science. Science gives us the reason for everything being there or not in this universe. Our existence or not being is all science. With the help of science, we know about all the things present in this universe.

Home Appliances

Electronic goods that make work easy around the house. Appliance refers to all the electronic devices used in household work. There are microwaves, mixer grinders, toasters, vacuum cleaners, etc. Whatever makes household chores easier.

Space Technology


Technologies that are used in the field of space research. Such as spacecraft, satellites, missiles, etc. Whatever is inside the atmosphere of our Earth, we call it space. We call the world outside space the Universe. Space present on our earth is 3-dimensional space. Because it has 3 distance dimensions.

Assistive Technology

These technologies help those people who are suffering from any type of disability. Such as an electric wheelchair, hearing aids, etc. This technology helps disabled people. Without this technology, their work would be difficult or impossible. It instills hope in disabled people. Such people can also work like normal people with the help of this.

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

This type of technology is in use to treat patients, make medicines, tracing the type of illness/disease. It detects our diseases very easily by diagnosing them. There are many diseases that arise inside us. To diagnose such critical and minor diseases, we need medical tech devices. Therefore, new innovations should keep happening in this field. Surgery by robots is much safer.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothes were woven or sewed by hand in the past times. Accessories were also prepared by hand at that time. This process used to take several days. Now, all that work is very fast and easy. In the changing times, new machines have come, which are preparing a lot of variety of fabrics. All this is due to technology. Accessories like watches, glasses, jewelry, shoes, etc are all made with the help of this.

Industrial Machines Technology

Industries are the backbone of the economy of any country. Technology needs to automate the industry’s production. Industries are able to produce more goods efficiently by adopting new innovative technologies. If the industry runs well, then it will contribute significantly to the GDP of the country. Electronic auto-programed robots or human-controlled machines are to be established.


Robotics Technology

A set of electronic gadgets which can perform a specific task semi-automatic or fully automatic. This means they can handle some specified tasks in the existing world. Robotics is a mixture of 4 things. Human Mind + Computer Science + Engineering + Technology. Robots make humans work easier and faster. We can also call robots artificial people. Because it makes the work of human beings easy. Humans are trying to make such a robot. One who works like a human. Look like a human. Act like a human. But he could do it more and better than humans.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a type of technology that can learn from its surroundings. And do exactly the same as others do without any help. Artificial intelligence observes the new behavior of its surroundings. And stores it in its data. So that in the future it can perform that behavior.

Super-intelligence Technology

These technologies are theoretical/hypothetical and exceed beyond the smartest human minds. But in reality speaking, superintelligence is only the human mind. Because all the technology that has been created is all the thinking of the human mind. If you want to read more about it then you can click here.

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