Life is full of unexpected things, so enjoy every moment.

Life is full of unexpected things

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If I say life is full of unexpected things, then you will say Yes, we know that. But if you think about it, then there is more to know. I want to start my conversation with a story that began some strange thoughts about life in my mind. One of my friends shared this little story with me. It is a kind of sad story. And it will force you to think about life. So, let’s begin.

When I made a call to my friend, he said that he was sad because of some incident that happened to someone he knew. When he shared the details of the incident, I was shocked too. A person who came to my friend’s house, he used to make a small talk with him. That person got his job after fighting a case against the government for around 20 years. And after getting his job back, he bought a bike. He used his bike for his convenience for traveling to his job location. Just a month later, an accident happened. And that person was dead on the spot, and his wife was fighting for his life in hospital. And the story ends here.

After sharing this story, he continued his conversation and said that our effort and seriousness towards life are useless if any unexpected thing will occur in our life. Is all of our efforts for nothing? All the effort that we are making today to make our future better. Is there any meaning in all this thing? After this, he stopped, but the thought started in my mind. And I asked myself that what is the meaning of all this thing?

After this, I was in a deep thought process. And was trying to find the meaning of this line, What is the meaning of our effort and work? Nobody will ask how well you did your job. How well do you behave with other people? Or How you passed your exam? How you are managing your life and everything? So, what is the meaning of all this thing? Are we making fools of ourselves? Just think for a moment about this scenario that I shared with you. And see what your mind comes up with. It took me about three days to figure it out. And I would like to share my opinion on this thing with you guys.

I remember a line that Steve Jobs used to say whenever he used to get stuck in making any decision in his life. So he starts thinking that the very next moment he is going to die. After that, all the unwanted thought disappears, and only necessary things came into his mind. He used this method in his entire life to make hard decisions. Some people think that Death is the solution to every problem. But after so many thoughts process, my mind concluded that life is full of unexpected events. Don’t leave anything to the future. Live your life as you wanted to. So that in the end time, you don’t have any regrets that you should have done this or that. Or you should have talked to that person or should not have done this or that.

Enjoy every moment of your life. Just live life the way your heart desires. Don’t hold back anything. Meet with your friends and family and make some good memories with them. Talk to your loved ones because life is full of unexpected things. You will never know what is going to happen in the next moment.

In today’s world, people are full of regrets and egos. And when they feel bad about something. Or they are sad then they use the internet to get help. The Internet is full of garbage. If you don’t know what you are looking for. Then you will end up picking the unnecessary thing. No matter what you are going through, the internet has some quote and thought that match your situation and support your thought. And after seeing those things, you will think that you are right. But believe me, you can be wrong too. So, what to do in this situation?

See everything and listen to everyone and observe your situation very carefully. And ask yourself how it should be and make things as they should be, not as you want them to be. It may be difficult for you at that time but believe me. You will not regret it in the end.

If you have any thoughts about life, then please share them through comments.

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