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Last Updated on 25/11/2020 by Krishna

How to create free job alerts?

There are so many platforms that are available for creating free job alerts. But the problem is that there are so many companies. And a company is not going to post information regarding jobs on every platform. We can not create an account on every company or job platform to get notifications about the job.
The platform which gives notification they do not post every job vacancy. Every job platform provides you information about some limited company.

Then what is the solution for job alerts?

The solution is Google job alert. It is free of cost.
You need only a google account. And you get a daily email notification about jobs and the platform name where they publish. You can easily apply if you are interested.
All you need to do is create a Google job alert. I’m going to tell you how you can create a Google job alert. Open your Google and type your keyword. The keyword is related to your job profile. It may be a fresher job, experience job, related to a particular field or company. You can create an alert for whatever you want?
Suppose that we are looking for a fresher job, then we type fresher jobs in google and search. We get a result page as given below. You have to click below where the circle is pointed.

Fresher Job search result
Fresher job search result

Now we get another page. If you want to create a job alert, you have to click on the square box. And if you like to save the job, you have to click on the circle.

Google result
Google job search result

On this page, you can choose a category, Title, Location, Company Type, Date posted, etc. You can see the Category and location in the given image.

Category option
Job Category
Location option
Job Location

If you save any Job, then you can see it in the second tab that is Saved.

Saved tab
Saved tab

And you can manage your job alert in the third tab that is Alerts. Here you can choose instant, daily, or weekly for email notification.

Alert tab area
Job Alert tab

Now, your work is complete for creating a Job alert. You will get emails from google daily or weekly. It is up to you what you have select. I hope this information will help you to find a job.

If you have any problem regarding this method, comment on it we will look at that..

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