How To Make Dreams Come True?

Make Dreams Come True

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How To Make Dreams Come True?

Dreams can come true, but you have to keep trying. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they give up. In our daily life, we work hard, So our dream comes true. But sometimes the situation gets worse, And we give up. But if we keep it up, then it might be possible that we get what we desire. If we do not try, then there is no force exist. That helps us to achieve our dream. Sometimes there are some exceptions, but you cannot depend on your luck or fate.

The effort is the only thing that is in our hands, so try to do your best. Sometimes results are not in our favor or as we expect. But it does not mean that it can not be better. For not having any good things in their life, some folk blames others. And some blame their luck too. It has no sense. To get a good result, we need to do some hard work in the right direction.

If results are not as we expected after working hard, then what should we do next? The answer is simple; you need to analyze your technique and make some changes to improve it. And try with this new technique. I am sure if your analysis is right, then you will get better results. And if not, reanalyze your strategy.

Nothing comes merely by thinking about it
Nothing comes merely by thinking about it

Story of Four friends and soap

Here is a story I want to share with you. My teacher used to tell us this to motivate us. The story of four friends and soap begins with a vacation. Four friends decide to enjoy their holiday, doing boating, fishing, in the middle between of somewhere in the ocean. So they take their stuff and a boat. When they reach the ocean, One of their friends decides to take a bath, so he jumps into the water. He was using a soap. During bathing, the soap slipped by his hand. And he tries to grab the soap, but when he catches the soap, it slips from his hand. When his friends saw this, they came to help, but none of them succeeded. Every time they try to catch it, it slips. After several attempts, they leave the soap and return to their boat. The man who left the soap was sad. When his friend realizes that he is sad, they ask him, why are you so sad? It was just a soap.

The first guy replied, ” It was just a soap, and we were trying to catch it, but none of us succeed. If one of us was drowning, how could we save him if we are not able to catch a soap?”. His friend replied that it was soap, And it was slipping while we were trying to catch him. But if any of us drowned, he would certainly try to move his hand to go up. And that stupid soap was doing nothing, so he drowned.

The moral of this story is to keep trying. If we keep trying, maybe someone will hold our hand and help us go up. But if we do nothing, no one will come to save us.

Story of Lord Shiva and a farmer.

Here is the second story I want to share with you. I heard it from my father. Once upon a time, there was a drought. There was no sign of water and rain. But there was a farmer who woke up early in the morning and takes his tools and gets to work in the field daily. One day Lord Shiva was going through that route. He saw that a farmer was working hard even there was no sign of cloud or rain. Lord shiv goes to that farmer and asks him, “Why are you working in the drought?” The farmer replied, “ I’m a farmer, and this is my job. If there is no sign of rain, then that’s not a cause of not doing my job. It is my job, and I have to do it.” Lord Shiva was so amazed by the dedication of that farmer. And then Lord Shiva picks up his Damroo and starts ringing. The wind and clouds formed as the Damroo sounded, and finally, it began to rain. The drought ended.

The moral of this story is that Always do your job even when the situation is not compatible. If there is no chance of getting good results, even then, do your job sincerely.

Your Dreams Come True if you keep pushing yourself toward your goal. And you can confirm your chance of success by ignoring non-important things in your life.

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