18 Top sites for online education and to learn Technical Skills.

Top sites for online education

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Today we are facing so many problems due to the Covid pandemic. Educational institutions are closed. There is only one option left for the students and learners, And that is to start learning online. There are many educational websites available where you can start learning. On some websites, you have to pay, and some are free. Learning is one thing where we do not want to compromise. Therefore you should be very careful while choosing a good platform that provides good quality content. We have listed some of the top sites for online education and learning technical skills. Go through each of them, and find a platform that has your desired syllabus and content. Please do not consider the number of websites as they all have some unique characteristics. So I think that it is not fair to judge them over some criteria.

There are so many platforms available, and we listed some of them. Just check our list of top sites for online education, and if you think we miss something, then do not hesitate to comment on it. We will consider them later.

18 Top sites for online education and to learn Tech Skills.

1. Udacity

Udacity is an American educational organization. It was founded in 2011. Udacity provides its services to individuals, enterprises, and the government. It has approximately 11.5 million users worldwide. You can learn the latest digital skills. You need not worry about the quality of courses because their learning is project-based, and mentors are good. Not all courses are free, so for some courses, you have to pay some price. For more detailed information please visit the official site of Udacity. It is one of the top sites for online education

2. Lynda (LinkedIn learning)

Lynda is a platform where you can learn online courses. They offer software development, web development, design, photography, business, courses. You can access its content for one month free. After that, you have to pay some price. It is a good platform. Lynda learning is now named LinkedIn learning. And if you are a professional then you should aware of LinkedIn. It is a platform for professionals.

3. Google digital garage

Google digital garage is a learning platform. It is a google product where different educational companies and organization provides courses. Most of the courses are free. You can choose a course by length, course provider, difficulty level, and many more filters are available. You can do the certification. And they have the option of live training too. Google is a trusted platform. So you can trust these courses.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse is an educational platform where you can learn programming and coding stuff. You can try it free for seven days. after that you have to pay ₹1,650 per month. It is for beginners to learn technical skills. So if you want to start your learning, you can start from here.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational platform that provides free courses. It is a great platform to learn Academy subjects. These courses are categorized class-wise and subject-wise. So it is easy to choose your subject and topics. Their teaching method is better than other platforms. They have a mobile application you can download from google play store.

6. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is for learn technical skills. They have a lot of courses that help you to shape your future. You can try the trial version that is for 10 days, and after that, you have to pay some price. Their educational quality is good. Check their price plans and courses before buy. The name of the Code School has been changed to Pluralsight.

7. EDx

Edx is a platform that offers university-level courses. It has some free courses and some paid courses. And it has 3000+ courses and 35 million users. You can download its Android app and iOS app. It is an excellent platform to learn technical and non-technical skills. The quality of their education is good. It has 15 thousand instructors.

8. Coursera

Coursera is a platform where you can access courses provided by universities and companies. It has approximately 77 million users. It is a great platform to start your learning. Most of the courses are free of cost. There is no limit to learning. You can start when you want. They provide the latest skills to learn. You can shape your future if you have the right resources. Learning resources are free for universities and college students.

9. CodeWars

Codewars is a platform where you learn from challenges. They offer you to do practice over any programming language. Choose your favorite language and start practice. They provide a dashboard to you where you can track your performances.

10. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a free platform to learn to code by building projects. They offer you to learn code for free. It is free of cost for all. But if you want to donate something, then you can help him by donating. They have a good and big community to solve your problem. It will be a good choice for coding challenges.

11. The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a free platform to learn web development. It is for beginner to start their career in web development. They do not provide any certificate, but all the learning stuff is free of cost. You can be a full-stack developer. Web development is a good choice for students. They have a community to help you.

12. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare offers graduate-level courses free of cost. You can find courses here department-wise and topic-wise. It is online and free. So it will be helpful for you. If you have any problem attending classes, then it is for you. You can learn wherever you are. They have a lot of courses.

13. Code Avenger

Code Avenger offers you to learn building apps, websites, games, etc. They have a trial period of 5 days where you can access five lessons in any course. After that, you have to upgrade your account to premium. You can check their pricing details on their website.

14. Tuts+

Envato tuts+ is a platform that has a lot of courses. Buy a single subscription and you can access all its courses. They have video courses and ebook courses. It will help you to learn technical skills. You can learn creative things and the latest tech skills. It is a good platform for students. Because they give 30% off to students.

15. SitePoint

Sitepoint provides courses in videos and books. It is not free, so you have to some price to access their courses. If you are self-motivated and want to learn something, then it is for you. You can check their courses and price on their website. They have other features like make courses available offline and other things.

16. Dash General Assembly

Dash General Assembly helps you to learn web development. It offers you to learn HTML, CSS, javascript. You can create projects on the web. Web development is a great choice to start learning tech skills. You can build your website.

17. CodeAcademy

Code Academy is an educational platform to learn coding in various programming languages. You can create a free account at Code Academy. It has some plans for his courses. But you can use some courses for free.

18. Udemy

Udemy is an educational platform where you can learn almost anything. They have 40 million learners, 70k instructors, 155k courses in 65 languages. Their courses are not free, but they have some free courses too. Some websites offer coupon codes for free Udemy courses. You can use those codes to get enrolled in courses. If you want to teach, then you can be an instructor on Udemy. It is open for everyone. You will get a certificate of completion when you completed a course. It has a different type of courses available. You can enroll in any course. They have no limit on learning. You can learn whenever you want.

Learning is one thing, and represents it in front of other people is another thing. If you fail to represent yourself, then learning is a waste for you. To represent yourself, create an impressive CV or resume and get a good job. You can design your resume by yourself, but manual creation is not easy, and it takes your valuable time to do research. We listed some websites that create your CV or resume in less time. All you need to do is choose a template and fill in the information, and that’s all. If you think we miss something in the list of top sites for online education, then please comment it.

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