Best way to improve your decision

Improve your decision

Last Updated on 20/12/2020 by Krishna

What is the best way to improve your decision?

There are two aspects to everything. The other without one is incomplete, like day and night, good and evil, etc. If we eliminate one, the other will end, or say that its existence will die. Have you ever thought about how many leaders came into our world? And gone and, surprisingly, everyone’s goal was to end evil, yet it did not end even after so much effort, because it cannot happen. As long as it is good, evil will exist. Yes, we can reduce it but not eliminate it. And if you are getting my point wrong. Then imagine what will happen if one of them ceases to exist? Maybe if it is possible, I think the other one will end up with it too. We need to balance it. Vision can help you to make a better decision. Vision is the best way to improve your decision.

How does vision work?

Just as a coin has two parts, you cannot deny anyone. In the same way, everyone has two parts. Every decision we take is both right and wrong. If you want to see it, change your perspective, it will be visible to you. It is present in both forms at the same time. The decision that is right for us may not be right for someone. We feel that we are doing right, but we are wrong from some point of view somewhere. You can not deny it, if you are thinking that every decision we take is both right and wrong then what should we do? The simple answer to this is that you should try to get the right one more than the wrong one.

There is evil in every goodness and goodness in every evil. If this thing is not digestible to you, then think of the answer to my simple question? Whenever there is a new decision, whether by a leader, by an organization, or by a government. Why are not all the people with him or against him? Some people support him and some do not. If you are thinking, that this is due to the discrepancy of their thoughts. Then my question is that the thing is the same, so why have different views on it? Let me tell you because people are looking at the same thing from many different angles, if there were only good in it then, it would look good from every point of view, but it is visible both. It only means that the thing is wrong from somewhere. If you are thinking of a solution, then do not think, because there is no solution. You cannot eliminate anyone. The only solution to this is that you try to work out the wrong impact factor while deciding.

What to do if you only want to make better decisions?

Thoughts are both good and bad. You cannot say only good or only bad. Every thought has its good and its evil. If you are taking any decision, then I will just ask you to look at him from both the perspective and then think for yourself how right it is. If you are having any problem with this, then you should put yourself in place of another and see how much it is right or wrong for you and others. And if you feel that this is correct, do not proceed further, so improve it a little bit. It is the best way to improve your decision.


Today our leaders are taking full advantage of this. Whenever a new rule comes, one will explain its goodness to you, and the other evilness. From what you can see in it. It will decide whether it is right for you or not. I will just say that if you change your vision, then you will start seeing good things as bad and bad things as good. If you want to know about an idea, thing, or decision. Then look at it from both the perspective. Then see if there is a change in your opinion. You cannot know anyone’s decision only by its good side unless you also know its bad side.

Why do we remember anyone?

This is a fairly straightforward question, but perhaps it will take time for you to understand the answer. We remember people because of their decisions. If that person made good decisions for us, then we will remember him for his goodness. If he must have made the wrong decisions, we will remember him because of his wrong decisions. There is no other reason than these. We remember those who have been our great leaders because they took better decisions for us. No one knows how many people have come and gone in this world, but we do not remember them all. We just remember the people who were around us and what they did for us. It is our decision that shows what we truly are far more than our abilities. Vison is the best way to improve your decision. If you have any kind of regret problem on your decision then read this it will help you. You can confirm your chance of success by ignoring the non-important things in your life. To know more about it click here.

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