Follow Your Interests

follow your interests

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Follow your interests

When you hear it for the first time, you will probably say that it is an easy thing to do. But it will seem difficult when you start to understand it. Because following is one thing before that, you need to know about your interest. I am asking you to follow your interests. But why is it important? And how can we do it? If you don’t have an answer, let’s try to understand it.

Why is interest in our life important?

If you follow your interest, then you have a better chance to improve your skill and yourself. Interest helps you to explore yourself. It increases your productivity rate. We can be more creative in our work and life. If you have an interest in your work, then I am sure one day you will become a master of your work. If you don’t have an interest in your work, then you can never be good at that thing. Maybe you can be good but after a certain period, you feel exhausted, no creativity, boredom in work life, etc. Some people think that it is okay. I have a good life. And it gives me what I need. But the thing is only for some time. After that thing is going to change, And it can disturb your life.

Don’t look for your friend, family, society. A lot of people don’t know about their interests. And they do whatever family or friends told him. They think that this is right. But this is not right. Maybe you can perform a lot better, than your present work if you were in another field. So it is important to find your interest.

What kind of problem can arise while choosing your interest?

Most people don’t know about their interests. So it becomes more difficult for them. First, you need to find your interest, then proceed with it. A lot of problems can arise just like family issues, society issues, relationship issues, monetary problems, etc.

Family issues like maybe your family are not supportive in your work. Society is a big problem because if you fail it makes a wrong comment. And if you are successful, it makes them jealous. In any case, it cannot be supportive. Relationship issues like they are not comfortable in your job status. Monetary problem is the second big problem because sometimes we need money to make a start and no one helps us.

How to know our interests?

Someone says that before starting, know where you want to go. Ask yourself a question. What do you want for yourself? What kind of work can you do throughout your life without being tired or without boredom? What kind of work do you feel satisfied with? If you get a general answer, then that’s it. If you manage to find your answer, I am sure you will never have any complaints about your work. And that is a good thing. Or you can use the IKIGAI technique to find your answer.

IKIGAI – A Japanese technique to live a happy and long life.

IKIGAI is a technique to live a happy and long life. Japanese created this technique. In this technique, you have to answer the four questions.

  1. What you love?
  2. What the world need?
  3. What you can be paid for?
  4. What you are good at?

What you love defines your interest. And If the world needs it, then you can be paid for it. In the last, if you are good at that thing, then you can be more creative and productive. So try to follow your interests. And in the last, I want to say that whatever decision you made try not to regret those decisions.

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