How 5G affect our lives??


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5G Means Super Speed, Or Very High-Speed Internet Or More Bandwidth, Which Requires More Number Of Towers


Do you want to increase your internet speed, then you are in right place. Where you will get all information about 5G?

5th generation family of the mobile network is known as 5G. Which are advanced versions of all 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Actually, the 5G network is developed to connect all the people virtually without any lag and buffering. 5G is a type of network that has the potential to connect everyone and everything virtually together. 5G has more Bandwidth than 4G, which drastically increases the internet speed by 20 times (approximately up to 20 Gbps Speed) the 4G speed.

High Internet speed means the files download very fast, browsing and surfing experience is very fast with little or no lagging. And the cons of this 5G is that it has a short-area reach of about 1,000 feet only. 4G has about 10 miles(52800 feet) distance coverage area. This means 4G requires fewer tower installations as it covers a distance of about 10 miles, whether 5G can only capable of cover a distance of about 1000 feet. It uses higher frequency radio waves to provide much higher Internet speed, higher the frequency means shorter is the coverage area. So, this is why companies have to deploy more towers in an area for the seamless speed of 5G internet.

Pros Of 5G

One of the best things about 5G is that it has more bandwidth, which downloads Gb’s files in just a minute. Not only downloading speed increase but also browsing and surfing speed may drastically increase with little or no lagging. Also, during live streaming, you may not face any buffering or lagging issues. More number of tower installations needed more land on leases. Private citizens can make revenue through a lease contract with cellular companies.5G has the potential to download and upload the Gigabytes of files in just a few seconds.5G saves users time during downloading and uploading data.

Cons Of 5G

As we all know that 5G network reach is shorter, which means companies have to install more towers to provide a perfect 5G internet speed to all the users. More number of towers installation requires more area of land. That means companies have to acquire more areas of land on lease. And companies pay for it, which directly impacts consumer’s pockets.

Users have to pay more for a 5G internet network. A study on the network says that the frequency of signal coming from the towers is not good for users heath. The gathering of a huge number of towers means more risk to the health of users.5G uses higher frequency radio waves, and higher frequency radio waves have a shorter coverage area. It means for the seamless speed they have to deploy more no of towers in an area. This means the density of towers increases. If companies have to increase the number of cellular towers, then it is not economic for the companies, and hence this will impact the increase of recharge plans. Which is not economic for the consumers.

JIO India’s First 5G company

On 15th July 2020, Mukesh Ambani said that I am very happy to announce that Reliance Jio has developed its 5G network technology completely in India. And this made in India 5G technology will available for trails as soon as the 5G spectrum is available. He said that Reliance Jio all 4G towers are easily upgradable to 5G as all the towers are converged. No other companies have any announcement regarding 5G launch or development. So, it is final that Reliance Jio is becoming the first 5G company.

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