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So you’re a dreamer ideas come to you naturally and you’re wondering how to protect them. Well, first things first you can’t protect ideas themselves. You can only protect the expressions of an idea. So to receive copyright protection your original idea would have to be in a fixed form such as a booking photograph or record a song. To secure your project, invention, or discovery patent registry is important.

What is a Patent?

A patent gives a kind of legal right to the inventor so that no one can copy his invention. And no one can make or sell it, as long as its copyright protection will remain with the inventor. The privilege is given only to those whose invention or discovery is new, useful, and not easily discoverable.

How to get a patent?

The good news is that once you create an original work you own the copyright. However to better protect your work and prevent others from stealing it. You’ll want to officially register it with the federal government trademarks. On the other hand, have more to do with business than creativity. This privilege is provided so that no confusion arises between the trademark of any one brand of goods and services. However, officially registering a business name brand, name logo, or slogan with the federal government gives you additional rights including nationwide protection of your mark a registered.

A trademark can also help you stop others from selling goods and services with similar trademarks. Patents are all about innovation, a utility patent protects the way something works, while a design patent protects the way something looks. In order to get a US patent, you have to be the first one to apply for it and the first one to invent it. Doesn’t count but if you aren’t quite ready don’t worry filing a provisional application saves your place in line for up to one year. It gives you the right to label your invention.

You should know this before applying for this.

  • If you are making any new discovery or invention, then you will definitely want to keep it safe. So that no one else steals or copies your hard work.
  • Before applying for a patent, you need to be sure that your invention is new and useful.
  • If your invention is similar to anyone in the record, then your request will be rejected.
  • You will get this copyright protection with a period of 20 years.

Where to apply for it?

USPTO Patent
USPTO Patent
  • Most of the government agencies are the only one who looks and approves these applications.
  • Internationally USA Agency/Organization USPTO (United States Patent And Trademark Office) handles and approves the application.
  • You can fill the application by visiting the site of USPTO for patent approval.
  • If you want to apply for a patent in India then you can apply on

Types Of Patent

Basically, there are only three types of patents available:

  • Utility Patent

Utility patents include any new invention, discovery, technological invention, etc. 80 to 90 percent of utility patents go only every year. Under this section, the privilege is provided only for 20 years, after which renewal is required. In this category, maintenance fees are charged.

  • Design Patent

Design patents protect the looks of any design. This patent protects the looks of any design. Its duration is for 15 years, after which you don’t require any maintenance fees.

  • Plant Patent

It is for those who grow, make or discover a new type of plant. This also doesn’t require any maintenance fees. It is valid for 20 years from the time you apply for it.

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